Shelter Houses and Architecture

We use Icon Shelters for our shelter houses. Pre-engineered, bolt together structures that range from the most basic of standard park shelters and gazebos to the most complex of custom steel structures. The ICON framing system can eliminate bird nesting and can be used to run electrical wiring in a safe, out of sight way that also reduces maintenance and vandalism.

We also provide shade canopies that provide significantly lower temperatures, and give up to 98% UV protection and shade.

These canopies are designed and engineered for commercial use only. The fabrics contain literally millions of tiny spaces that allow air to flow freely through. This “breathing” effect reduces temperatures beneath by up to 32% when compared to direct sunlight, while providing up to 98% UV protection. 

The fabrics have been specifically developed to be extremely strong and stable for use in tension shade products. All structures are custom built to any size to the nearest inch. This is extremely convenient when you want to put a structure in a confined space. And, they can be any height but we recommend keeping them as low as possible to keep the shade where you want it and thus make them more effective.

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