Cloverleaf Inc.’s journey began around 1989-1990. My in-laws offered me a job helping them in their home-building business, Cloverleaf Homes Inc. A few years later the economy hit a hiccup, and Frank, my business partner, and I took the opportunity to sell and install residential swing sets. This opportunity lead to even greater development potential in the play-equipment field.

We were sought out to help a commercial playground vendor on a repair job that needed to take place quickly and just like that we had our foot in the door. This vendor soon referred us to another job and our business began doing more and more commercial work. Due to the increase in our focus on commercial playgrounds, we decided to drop "Homes" from Cloverleaf and became Cloverleaf Inc. At this point, my partner Frank decided to retire and the business was taken over by me and my wife Tracy.

A few years into the playground work we were able to secure 3 years of a 5 year bond project for playground work with the Shawnee Mission School District. Through this partnership we were able to really build our reputation for workmanship and square dealing. Although we were also doing work for many other agencies, our humble beginning began with SMSD and it is a relationship that we will always value.

Our family continued to be involved in the growth of the company and it was during the summers with SMSD that our son John began to come to work with me. He was then 12 years old, but what kid wouldn’t love to work on playgrounds? Through the rest of his school years, summers, and holiday breaks he accompanied me to work. John continues to work with me and is now a joint partner in the business. We are so humbled that God has blessed our family with this opportunity to have a small family business where we share the day to day joys together.

Another step in Cloverleaf Inc.’s development came in 2001-2002 when we started into a business relationship with A B Creative of De Soto, KS. That alliance continues today and we have been truly blessed by this relationship. If you would like to know more information about AB Creative please go to the Resources Page.

With over 19 years of experience in the Commercial Playground Business, we have the capability to meet our clients’ diverse needs. We provide our clients with turn-key parks and playground construction. We specialize in installation of park and playground equipment, shade structures, safety surfacing, and site amenities. We also do much more. If you don't see it on this list, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Cloverleaf Inc. is a fully insured Certified Seller and we take pride in our certifications. We have completed trainings to insure that your site is fully compliant and safe for use. Our certifications include:

*International Playground Contractors Association Certified (NPCAI) www.playground-contractors.org Member Number: 2006-0816 .

*OSHA 10 Certified

*CPSI (Certified Playground Safety Inspector) Certified

Numbers: 21756-0416 & 21755-0416.


These are certifications that not many companies carry and we are proud to be members of these Associations so that we can serve our clients with complete care and quality.

Cloverleaf Inc. looks forward to working together with you to complete your next project.